About the speaker

John Kunnathu has a message of love and peace. Born in India, he was brought up in the native Christian tradition. With the worldview offered by his religious tradition as the foundation, he built up his life with the additional support from the other cultural traditions that surrounded him in India. Early on in life, he began to ask the basic questions of life, and converted his life into a search for the truth of life. Having been an educator for a quarter of a century around the globe also helped him develop a global vision of life.

He sees himself as a learner of life, and in his literary works and speeches, he shares the lessons he learns with the fellow learners. He doesn't claim any authority to his ideas, nor would he advise any readers to blindly accept any of his opinions, however convincing they sound. Rather, he invites his readers to seek the truth of life along with him. Although he belongs to the Christian community, he sees himself primarily as a human being, and he can relate to any fellow human being regardless of his/her religious or cultural affiliation. Bible and other ancient classics are for him precious inheritance of humankind. They are seen as the seeds left by the mighty civilizations that lived and died on the earth. A better understanding of the priceless wisdom contained in these classics has the power to raise the humankind to a higher plane. In his literary work and speeches, he makes the wisdom and myth of the ancients amazingly relevant to the contemporary world.

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