Rhyming with Aerobics, Neurobics is a set of simple exercises to optimize our nervous system. Neurobics helps us to gain control over the motor nerves, sensory nerves, and over the autonomic nervous system, coordinate the two hemispheres of the brain, gain the ability to keep the attention steady, improve memory power, expand awareness, enhance positive feelings, improve thinking skills, and improve willpower. (More info)

An Orientation to our Life

We grow up asking the basic questions of life such as what we are and why we live. Seeking answers to these questions, we need to find out how our forefathers who lived on this earth hundreds of years ago answered these questions. Using their answers as a model, we may formulate our own answers. We also need to be open to the views of life of other communities. It is also important to be open to the contemporary science and philosophy, and evolve a view of life that fits the changing worldview. (more info)

An Introduction to God

"God" is a taboo word in our civilization. People don't talk about God any more in public places. The growing young people are denied the opportunity to know about God and to know God in their lives meaningfully. Growing up without God, our young people may end up denying the very purpose of existence. Some of them turn atheists, and some others become fundamentalists with a very superficial knowledge of God. A sound understanding of God will help our young people to build up a life on a solid foundation. (More info)

An Orientation to Choosing a Career

The young people have to find a career as they pass to adulthood. In choosing one, they would tremendously benefit with some guidance from a knowledgeable adult regarding why they need a means of living, what are the possible choices they have, and how they need to look for a career and perfom in a career. In spite of the diversity in the skills they have, and in spite of the diversity of the careers out there, there are certain essential approaches and attitudes that would help the young people to be successful.

How to Build and Maintain Healthy Community Relationships

No one is an island; we all live as a part of communities. Family is the smallest community we are parts of. We also belong to bigger communities such as our religious/cultural community and our work-place community. To the other end, we have bigger and bigger communities such as our nation, the global human community, and ultimately a community of all that exists everywhere. In order to maintain healthy relationships in a community we need to have certain basic knowledge and skills, without which our relationships can break easily. (More)

Paulos Mar Gregorios: Life, Thought, and Work

Paulos Mar Gregorios was a world-renowned Christian philosopher, very active in ecumenical and interreligious fields. Mar Gregorios was a hero to this author as he was growing up. Mar Gregorios can still be a role model to the growing young generation. Presentations may be given on his life, work, and the various aspects of his thought. (more info: 1 | 2 | 3)

How to enjoy church worship and meaningfully participate in it

Young people often find church worship and religious life in general boring and meaningless. If someone can help them understand how religious practices can help them build up a successful life, they might turn back to them.