John Kunnathu has produced an excellent compilation of the timeless lessons found in the Biblical stories and has sliced and diced them within the context of his own life's experiences, and has offered them in this concise publication. His interpretations of the moral content of the Biblical narratives should serve as excellent aids to those who desire to meditate on the ethical facets of the stories recounted in the Bible.       C. Alex Alexander, M.D.

The story “The Blind Spot” is a nice description of the happenings in King David's life. Although written in simple manner, it is touching, and it does bring to life the event in David's life of meeting the prophet, as it would have happened, as also God's yearning for justice, and his mercy and forgiveness. Many times when we read the Bible, the happenings do not come alive to us – here it becomes alive.                                 Mathew Samuel

The story “Let us kill her” was quite thought provoking for me. That closing sentence was very meaningful indeed. It shows how we view each other vs. how God views us. We view each other based on our occupation, gender, status etc. Imagine Jesus looking at the woman and seeing her as a baby, and seeing the story of her life, and the choices that may have been forced on her, or she took un-knowingly. It is as if a sea of rage is thrashing around Jesus and the woman looking at each other, but they are in a totally different world. The author develops this image well. It is also nice how the "heaven" human beings try to create by killing sinners is compared with how Jesus brings heaven on earth by killing Sin. Eldho Kuriakose