John Kunnathu has authored several inspirational books in English and Malayalam. They are in the form of essays, stories, dialogs, and poems. Here he explains the general context of his recent books.
    Gregorian Vision

The thought-world of Paulos Mar Gregorios spans an unusually broad spectrum of topics from Christian theology to Quantum physics, from Marxian economic analysis to the Buddhist logic of Nagarjuna. John Kunnathu invites the readers to make an exciting adventure with him to explore this thought-world. This book serves as a window through which one can have a glimpse of the landscape of Gregorian thought. Each chapter addresses a puzzle about human existence. If a young person asked these questions to Mar Gregorios, how would he answer? That is the perspective from which each chapter of this book is written.

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    An Orientation to our Life
The basic questions of life are addressed in the form of a conversation which happens in ancient Alexandria before Christ in a Jewish Synagogue between a Rabbi and some young people. This pre-Christian Judaism is the original river from which the three separate tributaries of present-day Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have originated. The Rabbi shows them how their questions were answerd by their ancestors, and then he challenges them to formulate their own answers according to their changed context. (more)
    A God with a Wider Heart

A few Bible stories are retold with a deeper vision of spirituality, a loftier vision of God, and a universal vision of humanity. These stories will help anyone to lay a stronger foundation for his/her life. They have the power to transform communities as well. (more)


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    An Adventure Trip with God

Meditations on some of the most meaningful psalms. The context in which these psalms were written is related to our own context in the modern world. This is an attempt to have a closer look at our own life here and now with the help of psalms, the invaluable pearls of wisdom that we have inherited from our ancestors. In psalms one sees the deepest feelings and thoughts of human beings. The deepest feelings expressed here are common across all people irrespective of religious or cultural differences. (more)

    Voices in the Wilderness
This is a collection of 20 inspirational messages that touched the author's heart. All these speakers are challenging us to live an authentic life of meaning. They are deeply and truly religious and spiritual, but none of them are fundamentalists. Having their foundation in the inherited spiritual tradition, they all have developed a vision that embraces all humanity. The speakers include well-known bishops such as Geevarghese Mar Osthathios and Thomas Mar Makarios, and well-known theologians such as Dr. Wesley Ariarajah and Dr. Valsan Thambu. (more)
    A Flight to Patmos

This is an imaginary interreligious dialog of two people representing two civilizations. With a willingness to understand each other, they see how a huge wall that separates their two civilizations collapses.This book is a call for a multicultural and pluralistic world. We don’t want the people of any one religion to dominate others. We want the people of diverse religions living together learning from each other. Let the Hindus remain Hindus, Muslims remain Muslims, and Christians remain Christians. But let them all be willing to learn from each other.