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Release of "An Orientation to our Life"

Released by Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius

In Houston on May 9th, 2010

In a meeting of Malayalam Society of America.... News

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Participants in the Book Release

If you underline the main points, you will have to underline almost every line in this book. If you miss any line, you will underline those as well in the second reading. This book reminds me of the beautiful Old Testament book, "The Wisdom of Ben Sirach".

Speech releasing the book

We are honored by the presence of the metropolitan.

Welcome speech

John Kunnathu is capable of distilling wisdom. In spite of times of adversity, he is capable of reaching out to people.

Introducing the author


Introducing the Chief Guest

This book answers so many questions I used to ask while I was growing up.

Reading a chapter from the book


John Kunnathu doesn't claim to have the absolute answers to the basic questions of life. But he invites us to seek the truth of life along with him. We are proud to have a writer like him here in Houston.


This book would be very beneficial to young people. I hope and pray that people around the world will benefit from it.


I wish I had a book like this in my young years. This book emphatically states that if you want a meaningful life, you should have a God-centered life. The limitation of rationality is affirmed in this book. Co-existing with people of other beliefs is essential for the survival of humankind.


Even if the Malayale community fails to accept this book, it will surely be accepted in the English-speaking world. I am going to spread the word among the young people I know, and I hope you all will do the same.


I am sure this book will become a best seller.


Although its language is simple,it deals with very profound topics about life. It is based on the common understanding of the major religions. This book will be very helpful to the adolescents and young adults.


Hope this book will help people who live their life without any sense of direction like the logs flowing in a river.


In the book "Illusions" we see some adventurous creatures who dare to challenge the accepted beliefs of their community, and see a beautiful world. Hope that this book will help many to see a more beautiful world.


Hope that this book will encourage others to become good writers. In order to become a writer, one has to spend time in prayer and meditation.


John Kunnathu Response & Thanks