Let's create a whole new world!

Our world, which had been organic and living, was replaced by a machine-like world by the western civilization within the past 300 years. Galileo Galilei, Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, and Isaac Newton were the torchbearers of this movement. They pictured the world as a mechanical system put in motion by God and operated by exact mathematical laws. Knowledge of the laws and the initial conditions of the system enables a scientist to predict accurately what the system would do and where it would go. The world became almost like a clock— running for ever without any purpose. Humans could detach themselves from the universe and observe and gain knowledge of its workings. Ethics, spirit, values, quality, and consciousness were marginalized. The only things that mattered were the quantifiable, and the knowledge of science was certain and absolute. People used scientific knowledge to dominate and control nature. When our worldview became mechanistic, our life also became mechanistic. The way a machine works became the ideal for factories and workers. Creativity was replaced by routine and control. We are supposed to act like machines and we are treated like machines. Human feelings do not matter --machines don’t have feelings.

Fortunately, from the middle of the twentieth century a new worldview began to emerge mainly due to the developments in Physics and Biology. We may call it organic worldview or ecological worldview. The world is a dynamic living being in this view. It is no more some building blocks put together but an integrated whole connected by a web of relationships.

Let us start the revolution in our individual lives and in our community relations. Let us overcome our mechanistic way of life and become creative human beings, living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Let us stop seeing our fellowbeings as machines filling some roles in this machine-like world, but as dynamic and divine beings engaged in a purposeful mission in this living world.

John Kunnathu has this vision of the formation of a living world in the place of the current mechanistic world. He received this vision from his guru, Paulos Mar Gregorios. His life's mission is the propagation of this vision.













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